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I don’t have very much hair and would not say that I wash it or style it in any particular way (other than shear randomness), but I felt really comfortable visiting this establishment.  Thanks for professional and friendly service.  I received two compliments minutes after leaving with my new cut.  Hasta luego!


Alex Broussard

September 22

"There is an absolutely fantastic team of stylists at Mona Coiffeur.  Beyond being styled, anyone can walk through the front door and immediately feel welcome. The women there are beautiful, brilliant, and they work fantastically together.


My hair is damaged from years of abuse, from coloring to bleaching to never getting a trim. I went looking to get my already blonde highlighted hair lightened a tad, and to get my roots done.  


My stylist, Rachel, took it to a whole new level. By the end of our session, she had given me an absolutely stunning level of blonde exactly as I pictured.   Even better, she showed a legitimate concern for the health and quality of my hair.   As she lightened it per my request, she kept a careful trained eye on each strand to be sure my hair maintained its health.   Its hard to believe that even after lightening my hair further, it is softer and more radiant than it has been in years!


The service, care, and comfort given by the girls at Mona Coiffeur, and from Rachel to me, cannot be replicated by any other salon.   I have never walked out of their door without a smile on my face.  Thanks so much!"


February 17

"I have long (very frizzy) dry hair.   I am fortunate to have bimonthly appointments with Mona, the magician.  She makes my hair amazingly smooth, shiny and well behaved. 


The Keratin Treatment Mona did on my hair made it even smoother, shinier and softer than I ever imagined it could be. It even lasted throughout the recent pouring rains...Amazing ! 


Kat  J.

October 3

"I just discovered Mona Coiffeur Hair Salon.  Mona is amazingly talented.  I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair from my friends and family, but you know it's really an amazing cut when complete strangers stop and compliment you on your hair ! "


Dane A.

September 26

"My 26-year-old son is extremely picky about his hair.  He dropped by raving about his new stylist, Mona.  Following his advice, I scheduled an appointment at Mona's salon.


Mona's salon is upscale and beautiful, but not snooty; it's very welcoming, comfortable and relaxing.  


Mona's talent, knowledge and skills surpass any stylist I've ever met.  I was truly impressed.   She created the best style and cut I've ever gotten.  


This was the best salon/stylist experience I've ever had none."


J.K. Sparrow

September 13

" I've never been loyal to any particular stylist...Until Mona started doing my hair.  Now she is the only person I would ever go to.  She takes as much time as it needs to get your hair looking awesome.


 When other salons said they couldn't give me highlights (because I have thick long hair it would take hours) Mona did it and it looks phenomenal.  Thank you Mona ! "



January 11

"I had a great experience at this salon.  My hair was a mess.  My highlights were orange and dull, and my base was way too dark.  I really thought I'd just have to wait it out before I could do anything more.  It had been four months already - I HATED my color, but I was terrified of making it worse, which would have been almost impossible! 


Mona put a lot of time into my hair, she is a perfectionist.  I walked out of her salon with a beautiful rich brown and shimmery color and subtle highlights.  For the first time ever, when I walked into my house, my husband said "Wow, your hair looks great!"  Worth every penny ! "



December 10

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